WAZZOR comes from the German word WASSER (water), which is as good as water. "Water conservancy does not compete for all things, but only for men, so the world can not compete with", symbolizing the Vasser brand of high innovation, green sharing and sustainable development spirit.

During his study tour in Europe, Lee Changan, founder of Wasser System Doors and Windows, studied the development and application of system doors and Windows in contemporary architecture together with experts from German Doors and Windows Architecture Office. One late summer and early autumn morning, a group of people were walking by the side of the quiet Wther Lake. It was the most beautiful time of the year in Europe. The sun was rising, the breeze was blowing, and the golden light was rising on the lake. In the glittering lake, as if one pyramid-like myth emerged, the architectural beauty of a hundred years of precipitation came in the face, Li Zong could not help but issued a sigh of "Waha". That's where the Vasser brand came from.

WAZZOR system doors and Windows adhering to the original intention, honor forward! Adhere to the quality standard, inherit the classic with ingenuity, set up a new benchmark for doors and Windows track, and lead the new fashion of the industry.

Excellent products will naturally attract the matching crowd, Wasser aims at the high net worth crowd, the excellent Wasser high definition system doors and Windows, will be matched to excellent designers, consumers, multi-party common ability. Lead the development of high - fixed system doors and Windows new trend, for the development of the industry to establish a new space aesthetic wind vane.

WAZZOR system Windows and doors continue to explore the needs of consumers, through intelligent scene and design empowerment, to create the best living space landscape, for consumers to present the dream of home.

Adhering to the concept of "system doors and Windows high design aesthetics of life", WAZZOR system doors and Windows is committed to providing the overall solution of building facade system doors and Windows, ingenuity to create products, for users to create high quality home life, for the development of Chinese system doors and Windows, so that high design more outstanding.

WAZZOR system doors and Windows, welcome the wave of energy-saving building doors and Windows construction, follow the future trend of reducing energy consumption and saving energy, and cooperate with all parties of industrial ecology, the development of WazzOR system is moving towards a bright new future. Lead by quality service, do system door and window king.