WAZZOR System doors and Windows is a high-end system doors and Windows brand created by Fuxuan Group Co., LTD and launched in 2020. Adhering to the development concept of "marking Europe and making system doors and Windows outstanding", Wazzor focuses on the R&D of overall solutions for high-end system doors and Windows. Wazzor system doors and Windows is a professional system doors and Windows enterprise focusing on external production, research, marketing and service.

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WAZZOR System doors and Windows, rooted in Fuxuan Group's many years of experience in doors and Windows production, research and marketing, close to the European frontier design, suitable for the reality of the Chinese market, implement the Wazzor 7 series drive system of "system doors and Windows, system strategy, system research and development, system marketing, system operation, system enabling, system service", deeply develop the overall development of system doors and Windows. We are committed to becoming a synonym for luxury doors and Windows with global influence, contributing to the development of Chinese system doors and Windows, and adding luster to the high design.

The factory is located in Foshan, known as the "Aluminum capital of China". The factory covers an area of more than 25,000 square meters, with more than 300 employees and professional and advanced production lines, which fundamentally guarantees the product quality and stable performance. Heavily introduced Germany advanced automation production equipment, lean production system, to achieve standardization, refinement, standardized management mode. At the same time, we strictly implement the PHI world recognized low energy passive house Windows and doors standard, GBT7106-2019 building exterior window 3 performance test national standard, and strive to become a global high-end system Windows and doors brand.

As the participating unit of "General Technical Conditions for System Doors and Windows" and "Technical Specifications for Custom Doors and Windows Engineering", WAZZOR System doors and Windows strictly follow the installation standards for system doors and Windows, 43 installation procedures for system doors and Windows, acceptance standards for system doors and Windows, etc., to create Wazzor "Wazzor" seven star service standards and "Wazzor" seven installation processes. The good doors and Windows + good installation + good service is carried out to each installation service node. The professional installation team does professional things, so that consumers can rest assured.