WAZ 160HLS Heavy lift sliding door
Panoramic design
Single fan weighs up to 400KG
Multi-channel hidden drainage
WAZ 160HLS Heavy lift sliding door,Show the minimalist formal beauty, natural smooth aluminum alloy touch, simple color attachment to create a fashionable outline, panoramic design, wide vision, all the beautiful scenery can be seen, showing the luxury atmosphere.

1, standard sobinco lifting push and pull hardware

2. The hardware lock is designed as a retractable lock hook to avoid safety problems such as scratching when opening the door

3, the opening adopts three complete structural seal design

4, the double structure makes the isotherm line of the lifting sliding door more parallel, maximize the realization of heat preservation and insulation

5, narrow hook design, after closing, the side view of the hook is 39mm, so that the lifting of the sliding door to achieve a greater vision

6, single fan weighing up to 400KG, can be large open design

7, the lower drainage adopts multi-channel hidden drainage, sunken drainage on all sides at the same time, to achieve smooth drainage


Glass configuration: 6mm+20Ar+6mm Heat insulation strip: fan: 24mm; Frame: double 24mm

Border depth: 160mm Door depth: 72mm hook surface width: 39mm wall thickness: 2.5~3.2mm

Hardware system: Sobinco lift push-pull hardware