WAZ 135IFS-MAX out-opening MAX window screen
High level of appearance
High strength safety profile
Luxury grade hardware
WAZ 135IFS-MAX out-opening MAX window screen,Set high-end materials and ingenuity design in one, appearance level and strength of the double explosive table.


Border depth: 135mm

Sash depth: 78mm

Thickness of fan fitting glass: 24mm~ 32mm

Frame fitting glass thickness: 27mm~ 52mm

The wall thickness is 2.0~3.0

Opening mode: inner flat opening, inner opening, single inner backward, etc

Optional series: Floor guardrail board, Aimeigai high turbine open mesh, double inner open, window screen.

1. Profile 6060-T6 European standard profile, high strength, high precision. The single sash weighs up to 90KG.

2. Profile three cavity insulation structure design, flat isotherm design, fan adopts 17mm integrated heat insulation strip, frame adopts 39mm heat insulation strip, heat insulation cavity filled with heat insulation porous material, reduce the convection heat transfer between indoor and outdoor profiles, improve heat insulation performance.

3. The opening fan is sealed with a three-way sealing structure, which adopts continuous bending soft and hard co-extruded rubber strips to ensure uninterrupted and continuous sealing of the whole window. All details reflect the performance design.

4. A full series of hidden channel drainage patent design, anti-backflow design, outdoor visible surface without drainage holes and other notches, to ensure the beauty and performance of the whole window view.

5. The whole series of corners and T connection parts are made of mechanical Angle + pin + double group Angle glue, which ensures the permanence and stability of the strength through combined application. The special cast aluminum Angle code and connecting parts are designed with special glue and adhesive connecting channel to ensure the strength of the whole window connection.

6. Porous foam insulation material is used around the glass to reduce heat convection at the edge of the glass, reduce heat loss and improve thermal insulation performance.

7. Narrow edge design, the visible surface of the fan is 43mm, the ultimate large field of vision.

8. Outdoor hidden fan design ensures visual extension.

9. The indoor opening fan is designed flush to ensure the visual beauty and extension.

10. The double inner opening design of the window screen can be adapted to the high permeability mesh, diamond mesh, etc