WAZ 25SPV Sliding Panoramic view
Big picture
Open fan hiding design
Wind pressure level 9
The WAZ 25SPV panoramic sliding door and window, the new product of the year 2022, offers an infinite extension of the ultimate view and a panoramic view of the outdoor scenery.


Border double: 18.6mm heat insulation strip

Door: 18.6mm insulation strip

Fan glass configuration: 6+20+6, 8+16+8, 10+12+10 and other configurations

The wall thickness is 2.2~2.5

The Omron (Japan) module is selected as the electric module for joint directional development to achieve special electric push and pull products

The transom is 25mm wide visible

1. Open the fan hiding design to realize the panoramic design.

2. The transom is 25mm wide, narrow side design is realized.

3. Can be large open, big push and pull extreme vision

4. The lower threshold is barrier-free design, and the lower drainage tank is designed to realize unobstructed drainage.

5. Double bridge structure design, parallel isotherm design and application, to ensure the heat insulation performance.

6. Double wheel structure design of door fan to ensure the stability and strength design of pushing and pulling.

7. The opening part is sealed with imported special rubber strips to ensure the watertight and airtight performance of the whole door.

8. The structural depth of electric adapter fan is 72mm

9. Motor hidden integrated design, quick installation

10. Manual scheme is under development. The fan thickness of manual structure scheme is 90mm, and the frame depth structure is 205mm