The whole network recognized window skills, a lot of people do not know!
发布时间: 2023-05-16
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do not know that you will not be misled by businesses in the selection of doors and Windows. Many private messages in the background ask Xiaobian whether the larger the number of doors and Windows models, the more advanced the doors and Windows. But in fact Xiaobian would like to say that is not the case, whether the doors and Windows are senior from its performance appearance and quality and constant, is not the higher the model is the more senior so here small white is very easy to be fooled. Today Xiaobian to share the whole network recognized window selection method, I hope to help you!

Profiles should be selected according to the environment

Whether high floor or low floor profiles actually have a minimum standard, so if you do not understand the owners should do a good job on the Internet in advance, at the same time, it is recommended to choose the profile made of raw aluminum This type of profile has good excellent stability and hardness, for different environments can have a good adaptability. At the same time, it should also be noted that if the installation of narrow doors and Windows of the home, the hardness of the main contact surface is higher, otherwise it is easy to appear security risks.

Thermal insulation effect

Secondly, we must have good thermal insulation effect in the selection of doors and Windows, which is very practical for both southern and northern families. So there are two factors that affect the heat insulation effect. One is the heat insulation strip and the other is the glass. Therefore, the heat insulation strip should be made of PA66, and the glass should be made of insulating glass. The combination of the two can play a good heat insulation effect.

Is the glass safe?

Glass quality is also the need to investigate doors and Windows, glass quality safety clearance is in fact the simplest way is to choose big brand doors and Windows, whether from the quality of light transmittance, smoothness, thickness can meet all the needs of the window, so the safety of glass is also the need for careful acceptance inspection by the owners. System doors and Windows join, look for Vasser system doors and Windows!