Qatar World Cup fascinates people, Wazzor is crazy with you!
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The quadrennial World Cup has opened! This year's World Cup came to Qatar, a hot climate. It was the first World Cup held in the territory of the Middle Eastern country in history, and also the first World Cup held in winter in history. The 5-hour time difference could not resist the enthusiasm of fans.

"With a piece of cloth on your head, I am the richest in the world" Qatar, in addition to the national GDP that shocked everyone, "no poor people", its geographical location and climate are also "fascinating".

Qatar is located in the middle of the west coast of the Persian Gulf, surrounded by the sea on three sides in the east, north and west, and bordering Saudi Arabia on the south land. The land area of Qatar is about 11,500 square kilometers, which is equivalent to 0.7 of the size of Beijing. The population of Qatari citizens is only 330,000, which is not even enough to sit in the eight stadiums of this World Cup.

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The country is flat, the highest altitude 103 meters, desert and rocky Gobi hidden under the "liquid gold" - oil. The average temperature in Qatar, a tropical desert climate, ranges from 25 ° C to 46 ° C throughout the year, with the highest recorded temperature reaching 50.4 ° C in July 2010!

It takes a lot of ambition and skill to build a course in a place where there is nothing but desert. Qatar spent $220 billion to build World Cup-standard stadiums, culminating in seven brand new stadiums, a new city, Lusaire, more than 20 hotels and giant shopping malls, two large marinas, and a 241-acre entertainment complex with a zoo and leisure park. In addition, the new Hamad International Airport on the east coast of Doha, the capital, has two of Asia's longest runways, three new driverless metro lines, and can be found anywhere you want.

8 stadiums for the Qatar World Cup

With the addition of the existing stadiums, Qatar now has eight stadiums and will host more than 50 matches at different stadiums.

Lusail Stadium, the centerpiece of the 2022FIFA World Cup in Qatar, looks like a polished gold container and has been nicknamed the "Big Golden Bowl" by Internet users.

▲Nigel Young/Foster + Partners

The 60,000-seat Al-Bayt Stadium, which opened in 2020, was the first to be unveiled at the World Cup.

▲Dar Al-Handasa

Al Janoub Stadium, formerly known as the Southern Stadium, has a capacity of 40,000 spectators and was designed by the late architectural devil Zaha Hadid in conjunction with AECOM. After the stadium was completed, a memorial event was held in the stadium to honor Hadza.

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Al Thumama Stadium, with a capacity of 40,000 spectators, is inspired by the traditional woven hats worn by Arab men, with a ceiling of tension cables covered with white textured membranes.

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The 40,000-seat Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, built from the site of the former Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium and covered in glowing and changeable multimedia screens, is the World Cup's most colorful venue.

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Stadium 974, also known as the Ras ABU Abadi Stadium, has a capacity of 40,000 spectators and is the first detachable and mobile stadium in World Cup history, all made from detachable containers. It is a "green stadium" in the true sense.

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Education City Stadium (Education City Stadium), can seat 45,350 spectators, the appearance of diamond shaped geometric pattern, like a bright diamond in the desert, so it is called "desert diamond".

▲Fenwick-Iribarren Architects

The 68,030-seat Khalifa Stadium, named after the sixth ruler of Qatar, Emir Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani, was built in 1976 as the home stadium of Qatar's national football team.

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The world is wondering what could be done to cool the World Cup in the extreme heat of Qatar? Can you get sunstroke sitting in eight stadiums?

According to people familiar with the matter, Qatar's successful bid to host the World Cup was linked to a proposal to install air conditioning in all open-air stadiums, and the inhumane Qatar has finally made good on its promise.

In order to provide athletes and fans with a more comfortable playing and watching environment, various stadiums at the Qatar World Cup have been equipped with cooling technology and retractable roofs. In addition to the naturally ventilated 974 stadium, the remaining seven are all equipped with advanced cooling technology.

▲Qatar's Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

Albeit Stadium retractable roof

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Retractable roof of Janubu Stadium

The energy center adjacent to the stadium pipes cold water to the stadium, each seat is equipped with cold air outlet, the venue is also equipped with a number of air outlets, the circulation of cold air and air to maintain the stadium at 18-24℃, in case of bad weather can also be closed the retractable roof, the outdoor stadium becomes a closed stadium in seconds.

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We could not set foot on the soil of Qatar to cheer for the team in person, nor could we experience the "air-conditioned outdoor stadium", so we had to make a "low-quality" outdoor stadium at home.

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