This winter, you have to have this body warmer
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After the start of winter, the winter of 2022 has officially begun. Our country with vast territory, geographical environments of each different, the north of universal temperature after winter is below zero, the south that is slightly far from cold tide is about 15 degrees.

In addition to tucking in a thick coat, holding on to a thermos, and turning on the electric heater, there are a range of winter warmth items worth owning. Today, Vasser incarnation with goods small expert, teach you how to buy suitable for winter "warm artifact", I hope you can warm winter, healthy and safe into 2023.

Look at K value

It is often said that doors and Windows should have good thermal insulation performance. The so-called thermal insulation performance refers to the ability of the impedance heat inside and outside the doors and Windows to conduct from the high temperature side to the low temperature side under the normal closed state, which is usually expressed by the value K. The lower the K value, the slower the heat conduction of doors and Windows, and the better the insulation performance.

▲ Schematic diagram of heat loss ratio of the main structure of the house

The lower the K value of doors and Windows can not only achieve good insulation effect, but also save electricity, help low-carbon environmental protection. For example, a 100㎡ house, doors and Windows k value <1.1, open air conditioning 2 hours after closing, the room temperature from the shutdown of the temperature to outdoor temperature at least 4 hours, that is, "two hours on the machine, can enjoy about six hours of comfortable room temperature", which greatly shorten the opening time of electrical appliances, reduce energy consumption, reduce electricity costs, And extend the space comfort time.

▲WAZ 102IPW passive window

WAZ 102IPW passive Windows, K value =0.8, after the German PHI passive room certification, in the same series of doors and Windows insulation performance is the best. In winter, install passive Windows to the home, the warmth locked in the room, warm winter.

See insulation strip

According to the research report, more than 50% of the building energy consumption is lost through doors and Windows, heat insulation determines the sealing of doors and Windows, but also determines the level of insulation performance of doors and Windows. The lower the K value is, the better. The wider the insulation strip is, the more heat preservation can be achieved.

Winter temperatures are not created quietly, but are accompanied by a series of high winds, rain and snow, and closing doors and Windows won't help if the insulation strips are old or too thin.

WAZ 102IPW passive window, heat insulation strip width 64MM, and the application of German Taino wind brand heat insulation strip, big brand guarantee, wider heat insulation strip, lock more warmth.

Viewing cavity

As mentioned earlier, the thermal insulation performance of doors and Windows is the ability to block the conduction of heat from high temperature to low temperature. Since doors and Windows are integrated, how to cut off the conduction of heat? At this time, the broken bridge aluminum system doors and Windows, separation cavity structure is particularly important.

Due to the different profile temperatures of doors and Windows on the outside of the room, heat conduction is easy to occur under the same profile. Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows block indoor and outdoor profiles, effectively forming a cold-hot bridge barrier, reducing the efficiency of heat conduction and locking the temperature for a longer time.

The whole series of WAZZOR system doors and Windows adopt vertical isotherm design. The heat insulation cavity is filled with porous insulation foam material, which effectively blocks the heat conduction between the profiles and keeps the cold out.

In addition to looking at K value, heat insulation strip, cavity, a system of doors and Windows with excellent thermal insulation performance can also be selected according to the brand, glass thickness, profile thickness and other aspects.

Wasser system doors and Windows adhere to the performance of the king, grasp every detail in place, for consumers to create winter warm home efforts. It's winter time, so get your home insulated with Vasser Windows and doors.

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