Spring Festival window decoration guide is coming ~
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"After Laba is the year", some time ago Laba porridge to eat with relish, as if Laba porridge mellow lingering around.

In a blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye to the lunar year 2022.

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A series of Chinese New Year topics arrived as promised, and everyone is getting ready for the New Year.

The pace of the New Year is slowly approaching, home New Year without decoration for doors and Windows, please quickly consult the Wasser system door and window decoration guide.

Hurry to buy buy buy buy, let the New Year flavor throughout every corner of the home!

Chinese red is definitely the standard color for the New Year, and the "New Year flavor" often starts with a boom in decorations.

As a unique handmade handicraft, Chinese knot is definitely a beautiful business card in the New Year.

When relatives and friends visit the door, the Chinese knot hanging on the door is festive and full of classical charm. If you are not careful, you will receive a wave of praise from your friends and relatives.

Chinese knot represents unity, happiness and peace. It is divided into double money knot, button knot, pipa knot, Tuanjin knot, cross knot, auspicious knot and other knot types.

A variety of knots do not know how to choose?

If you want to pull the New Year flavor full, preferred Fang Sheng knot, double butterfly knot, Ruyi knot, Tuanjin knot, Xiangyun knot, double happiness knot, osmanthus knot, reunion knot.

The red-hot Chinese knot hanging in front of the door, in addition to the full flavor of the New Year, the most important meaning of the family reunion!

Other decorations can be purchased as needed. Spring couplets are indispensable for the Spring Festival. No problem.

The annual change of new Spring couplets is not a simple decoration, but more wishes and expectations for the New Year.

"Heaven gives treasure land wide source of money, to help rich door auspicious home" looking forward to money rolling in, wealth and fortune;

"Intensive farming harvest years, thrifty family more than years" looking forward to harvest, more than every year;

"Smooth sailing year after year, everything goes well Backgamp" look forward to year after year, everything goes well.

For doors and Windows pasted a pair of sincere Spring Festival couplets, not only full of New Year.

And let every day back home have something to look forward to, life full of hope!

Who says you have to hang lanterns outside your house to have a New Year's flavor? Hanging lanterns on the balcony can also taste like up up up!

In addition to traditional red lanterns, new modern lanterns with riddles hang from balconies,

Panoramic Push-pull system Windows and doors through WAZ 25SPV,

To see family members guessing lantern riddles and playing on the balcony, the New Year flavor and the warmth of home are at the same time.

"On the 28th day of the lunar New Year, applique flowers", popular in the north Chinese New Year on the 28th day of the lunar New Year window decoration,

Originally plain and unadorned doors and Windows, transformed into the most festive single product.

A grille is a cut of paper attached to window paper or window glass. In order to decorate the grille beautifully,

At the same time, it can not prevent the light from penetrating into the window, which often needs to be hollowed out in a large area and can not leave a large "face".

Although the New Year's smell is very strong, but cleaning is a headache.

If your Windows and doors are Vasser's big glass, big Panorama Windows and doors,

Using glue to stick the window cut on the glass can not scrape off, is not the heart cut.

▲WAZ 25SPV panoramic push and pull system doors and Windows

In order to avoid "injury" to your Vasser system Windows and doors, Xiaobian recommends electrostatic window stickers,

The principle of static electricity stuck on the glass, tear off the slightest trace, it is free hands!

I am used to seeing the clean floor at home at ordinary times, but I have to be undressed for the New Year!

Change the carpet in the home to red, wherever you go is the smell of Chinese New Year.

Whether it's the entrance door or the hallway, or the bedroom door or the kitchen door,

Put on a red carpet, from the inside out to fill the New Year flavor.

When your home has prepared the above five kinds of doors and Windows decorations for the Spring Festival, the New Year flavor will come uninvited.

The strong smell of the New Year spreads to every corner of the home.

New Year, while the family is still on the way home,

Hurry up and buy window decorations for your home,

Decorate your home to give your family a surprise.

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