As the New Year draws to a close, the window decorations of your home will be arranged.
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The pace of the New Year is getting closer and closer, and the flavor of the New Year is getting stronger and stronger. What do you remember as the flavor of the New Year? Mom and dad made a nice meal? Is the family gathered around the TV to watch the Spring Festival Gala? Or a paralysing clean-up? Xiaobian New Year flavor seems a little different, to start from a window.

Approaching the end of the year, the special flavor of Xiaobian belongs to window cut. Clean the house and put up your favorite window cutters, signaling the beginning of a New Year.

"Little window cut, the university asked". Paper-cut is the paper-cut pasted on window paper or window glass. As one of the traditional folk arts of Han nationality in ancient China, paper-cut and paper-cut art are inextricably related.

The custom of pasting window cuttings during the Spring Festival has a thousand years of history. Every family carved golden bird wooden chickens and pasted them on the Windows on the eve of the Spring Festival. It was not until the Sui and Tang Dynasties that paper-cut rooster replaced the ancient golden bird wooden chickens and formed the later window cuttings.

▲ Ancient carved golden chicken wood chicken

In the past, the north and the south would stick window decorations during the Spring Festival. With the evolution of local customs, it is popular in the north to stick window decorations during the Spring Festival, while in the south it is usually put up at the wedding.

Nowadays, the color of the New Year window decoration is mainly Chinese red, which is favored by the Chinese people. Dramatic characters, historical legends, flowers, birds, fish and insects, landscapes and auspicious patterns can be used as the content of window decoration. 

▲ Appreciation of paper-cut art works

World paper-cut to see China, Chinese paper-cut to see Yu County. As early as 2006, Yu County paper-cut was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage, showing its unique style in front of the world. Yu County, Hebei Province, has nearly 30,000 people engaged in paper-cut paper-cutting art, a traditional craft gradually scale, run a wealth industry chain.

Bring China yu county | Chinese paper-cut the first street

The paper-cut art of window cut emphasizes the skills of line, color, composition and so on. An exquisite window cut needs to be polished through many processes before it is finally presented in front of us.

The traditional handicraft of making window cut can be divided into three processes. The first step is to draw and smoke samples, and then cut with scissors or knives. If it is a colored window cut, the last step is to dye and color layers thoroughly. After the whole cycle, a beautiful piece of work is finally finished.

Colorful paper-cut by Qu Qingtang, inheritor of Jiaodong Paper-cut: "Paper-cut"

Since the purpose of cutting the sash is to decorate the sash, a crucial problem arises: it is necessary to decorate the sash beautifully, but also to prevent the penetration of the outside light, which is suitable for use. So the window cut must be hollowed out everywhere, can not retain large "face".

Different from Siheyuan, now most people live in the city, commercial buildings, large villas, large flat floor more application of panoramic doors and Windows, traditional window grilles are increasingly rare. Just like Wasser's big glass, big open system doors and Windows, if only a window decoration, the overall feeling is a little plain. Therefore, the combination of large glass doors and Windows and modern elements of the window cut, instant full of New Year atmosphere UP UP.

▲WAZ 77OSS high load-bearing open + window cut P figure

▲WAZ 133LSD lift sliding door + window cut P figure

Generally speaking, because of the thick paper color, it is easy to hinder light projection, and the surface part needs to be changed to a line. Color, because mostly with white history paper engraving and dyeing. Paper itself is transparent, and with the help of color, some faces can not be hollowed out. Transparency and hollowout are the formal features of window cutting.

Jiaodong Peninsula paper-cut has obvious regional characteristics, which is characterized by line, line and surface combination, delicate and detailed, simple outline, uniform linear arrangement, constitute a rigorous structure and clean style. People often call it "half cut and half draw paper-cut". According to "Laiyang County annals" records, the Ming Dynasty Wanli years on the "paper-cut paste lanterns, with colored paper hanging lintel", to resign the old year to welcome the New Year.

▲ "Tianhe Match"/Anonymous/Shandong Jiaodong area

Qu Qingtang, the inheritor of Jiaodong paper-cutting Works: Revitalizing China

▲ Jiaodong paper-cut inheritor Qu Qingtang works: "Yantai Scenery" series

 Do you still remember the scene when children were making paper-cuts carefully? To start the Year of the Rabbit with good luck, you might as well buy some tools and make the most beautiful window coverings with your family to add a new flavor to the New Year


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